A selection of my favourite videos I created linked to my YouTube channel.
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Hidden World of Fungi
It’s been my first season dedicated to finding and photographing amazing mushrooms and fungi in my local pine forests, broadleaf woodlands and heathland mainly on Dartmoor, Devon, UK.
The slideshow showcases some of my favourite images accompanied by an enchanting atmospheric audio mix soundtrack.

The Bowing Pine
Same shot, different day!
A landscape photographer is on a constant quest to get a better shot.
Travelling miles to different locations…
I really liked this Pine tree on Dartmoor so revisited it several times over the years and these were the results.

Butterfly Season – Devon 2020
A slideshow of the butterflies I saw in Devon in 2020.
View it in high definition 1080p so you could view it on a big screen.

Lake District – Autumn 2019
A collection of images from my first visit to the Lakes for a week. We found some great locations including Devoke Water and the Old Water Mill near Borrowdale. Ullswater, Derwentwater, Rydal Water and Buttermere were stunning too. I’ve created a slideshow to showcase some of my favourite locations there. The soundtrack is beautiful.

ICELAND – Beautiful scenery with inspiring music
A photographer and his campervan explore the spectacular island of films sets. This was a dream holiday travelling the south and west coasts of Iceland in April 2016 experiencing some of the wonders of the world. The snow capped mountains and mirror like reflections in the ice lagoons are images I’ll never forget. See the monumental waterfalls with colourful bows, aqua blue rushing rivers, Ice bergs thrown onto a black sandy beach by the pounding waves. Simply Breath-taking.

Devon Kingfisher Catches Fish – GoPro ‘PerchCam’
In Winter 2015 I photographed and filmed some beautiful Kingfishers in Devon. I camouflaged a perch mounted Gopro which I named the ‘PerchCam’ and this was the result after a day. Date of filming : 07/02/2015 using a GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition and a Canon 7D with 100-400mmL lens.

House Martins Building a Nest Timelapse – Summer 2014
Here’s a short timelapse film of House Martins building a nest on the eaves of a house. I originally thought they were Swallows but they do not have the familiar red patch. I was sure that birds built their nest in about a week but not in this case! I can only guess why it took so long and why they decided to change the construction of the nest after a few days. The weather conditions were very cold in the first few days and hardly any progress was made. The House Martins left the mud shelf that they had built at night to roost in a warmer place I think. As soon as the sun came out and the temperature increased, they made much more progress particularly after a downpour. Maybe the mud was easier to find. They make over 1000 visits to build the nest using as many mud pellets mixed with their saliva. Why did they change the nest design? Maybe another pair bullied their way in or just one of the adults! Why do they make the nest over a vent? Maybe it’s the warmth from the house! I would love to know why!
Some techy information for you. It took 2665 photos at 4 minute intervals over 16 days during daylight hours. Post edited in photoshop first then created the movie in Pinnacle 16. Early mornings turning on the camera at 06.30 daily and camera battery changes and 4 memory card filled. There were a few glitches throughout the 2 weeks of filming so I hope you enjoy the timelapse movie. I would be very interested to know your thoughts on why it took the House Martins so long to build the nest and why the design was changed half way through.