Welcome to Scoops Images where you can view images of landscapes, seascapes and wildlife from around the country particularly the South West of England.

Since a young boy I have been very much aware of our beautiful countryside and wildlife and now at 54 years old I continue enjoy Digital Photography and capture the wonderful sights around us.

I’m originally from the suburbs of Sheffield in Derbyshire where I spent most of my childhood playing in the fields and local woodlands. I remember chasing butterflies, fishing for newts, bird spotting and searching through pages of the ‘Observer’ books to identify them. A few decades later having moved to the seaside village of Wembury in South Devon, next door to Cornwall, I found more leisure time to explore the coastline and farmland. So, in 2010, I bought a second hand Digital SLR camera and 18-200mm zoom lens and set out to capture the beauty of our countryside.

A typical evening is walking along the coast or through the countryside exploring woodlands, fields, hidden pebbly coves and watching the surf rolling onto sandy beaches. I would find a place to set up my camera, compose a shot and capture the sun disappearing over the horizon.  “How lucky am I.”

Posting images on websites like flickR and Facebook, viewing and commenting on other photographers photos certainly inspires and encourages me to learn more and improve my photography so I can attempt to capture light and the Ocean Motion

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I welcome any comments and will try to answer any questions you have on the photographs.

“Please look around and enjoy our beautiful surroundings”.

Chris Marshall


The website will be updated shortly as I’m constantly out and about taking new photos. Look out for the Kingfishers shots. (23/02/16)
Please visit again soon.