I held my first photographic exhibition on my 50th Birthday on 12th December 2011 to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation. The evening was called “50 Images for 50 Years”.

This special Charity event,  held at Artframe Solutions at Faraday Mill in Plymouth, was a big success with approximately 200 attendees, mainly friends and family.

It was a great fun celebration and for an excellent cause.

Although I sold most of the framed original photos on the Opening night the exhibition ran for a week and some photographs are still on show now.

All my profits came to a respectable £720 which was donated to the  British Heart Foundation.

I have recently uploaded all of the 50 images shown at the exhibition which can be viewed  in the Gallery under  the ‘Exhibition Prints’ tab.

Since that event, I have had many local and national newspaper articles published covering my story as a heart patient and making people aware for the need of organ donors. You may want to Google ‘Chris Marshall Heart Battery’ to read some of the articles.

I now do voluntary work with’ Hearty Lives’ to help raise awareness of how important it is to keep a healthy heart. I’m also joining the team at Heartswell, a registered charity committed to supporting heart patients, their partners and carers across the West Country.

‘Mending Broken Hearts’  has recently asked me to be a case study and continue to have a mental positive attitude to help lead a normal life as a heart patient. The aim is also to raise funds to continue ground breaking research on how to mend broken hearts.

See links for Hearty Lives,  Heartswell and Mending Broken Hearts

http://www.bhf.org.uk/heart-health/how-we-help/in-your-area/hearty-lives.aspx http://www.heartswell.org.uk/ http://www.bhf.org.uk/research/mending-broken-hearts.aspx

I welcome any questions you may have.